LYNKA:Industrial and Telecommunication Engineering and Consultancy, mainly in the Energy and Building sectors.
Estudio de Ingeniería LYNKA: Proyectos de instalaciones, domótica, redes de telecomunicaciones, auditorías energéticas y consultoría.

Who are we?

Engineering agency LYNKA (hereinafter LYNKA) is a technology based company focused on performing Industrial and Telecommunication activities in the Engineering and Consulting fields, mainly in the Energy and Building sectors.

The expansion towards emerging markets as well as expanding the service catalog of the organization; LYNKA has become the parent company of a business group that covers all types of Telecommunication activities in the field of Execution of Technology Installations.

LYNKA  focuses on developing projects of Electrical Engineering (electrical substations, electric power transmission and distribution networks), Renewable Energy (solar thermal and photovoltaic, wind and biomass); Studies and Energy Audits, Designs, Construction Management, Certifications and Administrative Procedures of Industrial and Telecommunication Installations; Technological and Business Consultancy.

LYNKA operates both nationally and internationally and is located since its incorporation in the Andalusia Technology Park (Malaga, Spain). It also has offices in Madrid and Santiago de Chile.

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