LYNKA:Industrial and Telecommunication Engineering and Consultancy, mainly in the Energy and Building sectors.
Estudio de Ingeniería LYNKA: Proyectos de instalaciones, domótica, redes de telecomunicaciones, auditorías energéticas y consultoría.

Ingeniería Industrial

LYNKA develops Engineering and Consulting activities for two main product lines: Design, Construction Management, Certifications and Administrative Procedures of Industrial Installations; and Studies and Energy Audits.
The following is a list of services that LYNKA offers for each field.
Design, Construction Management, Certifications and Administrative Procedures of Industrial Installations: 
Transformation Centers.
Medium and Low Voltage Networks.
Plumbing and Sanitation.
Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic.
Biomass and Geothermal Energy.
Cogeneration and Trigeneration systems.
Fire Protection.
Gas Networks.
Certification of Energy Efficiency in Building.
Consultancy for justification of CTE requirements.
Studies and Energy Audits:
The goal of the Energy Audit is to show, in a clear and honest way, the energy consuming processes in the building, identifying the factors that affect the energy consumption and proposing various energy saving measures in terms of profitability.
To achieve the goals described in the previous paragraph, the Audit Energy will be structured in a series of phases providing content and answer to the methodological structure.
Phase I. Building Situation: description of the building, occupation data and current energy situation.
Phase II. Field work: inventory of the energy consuming equipment; breakdown and classification of the energy consumption, description and analysis of the building facade and proposing improvements, description and analysis of the building facilities and proposing improvements (air conditioning, DHW, electricity and lighting).
Phase III. Execution of the Energy Audit: energy simulation (using specific computing tools, such as Energy+, TRNSYS, or equivalent); energy supply procurement, energy diversification and researching available aids and subsidies.
Phase IV. Final report: economic analysis, summary and conclusions; writing the final report and presentation, editing and binding.
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