LYNKA:Industrial and Telecommunication Engineering and Consultancy, mainly in the Energy and Building sectors.
Estudio de Ingeniería LYNKA: Proyectos de instalaciones, domótica, redes de telecomunicaciones, auditorías energéticas y consultoría.

Building Sector References

Industrial and Telecommunications Engineering

Technical Consultancy of Installations for the Final Design for the Campus University in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (ongoing).

Development of 23 buildings for different uses and functions: Faculties, Senator´s Office, High School, Preschool, Kindergarten, Hospital, Shopping Centre, Technology Center, Church, Residence Hall, Library, Head Office, Sports Centre, Cafeteria, Police Station, Fire Station, etc.The following installations are included: Low Voltage, Plumbing, Sanitation, Fire Protection (active and passive), HVAC, ICT, Structured Cabling, Voice and Data Networks, Security (CCTV, Anti-Intrusion and Access Control), PA and Audiovisual.

Technical Designs of Restricted Activities and Installations for Sports Facility Development, Supermarket and Commercial Areas for "Plaza de la Ilusión", Granada.

Outdoor Sports Facility Development with Changing rooms, underground Parking and forecast of a Building designed for Retail Business with Supermarkets and Commercial Areas, providing services in the Common Areas to both activities, as well as the necessary actions in the Public Electric Infrastructure for the power supply.

The following installations are included: Low Voltage, Plumbing, HVAC, Hot Domestic Water, Solar Thermal Energy, Justification of limiting demand, Energy Rating, Fire Protection, Ventilation, Gas Receiver Installation, Displacement and Expansion of existing Substations and adaption to the Medium Voltage Network, Low Voltage Network, Common Telecommunications Infrastructure and Parking Access Control.

Technical design of communication installations for the 14.000 m2 CIBIC Intelligent Building in the Andalusia Technology Park, Malaga.

Multipurpose building (administrative, R&D laboratories, etc.) that includes the following facilities: ICT, Home Automation, Structured Cabling, IP Telephony, Security, PA, RFID technology, Integrated Facility Management (HVAC, electricity, etc.) via IP.

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Single-family detached houses in Madrid

Installations for two single-family detached houses of 450 m2 in Madrid.

The project include the following installations: HVAC, data network, security and home automation, through which it is possible to control the lighting, the air conditioning, the motorized blinds, watering, sockets, etc.

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Design and technical management for installations and opening of a Day Care Center of 1,960 m2 for Alzheimer's Patients in Benalmádena (Malaga).

The Building of Administrative and Sanitary use includes the following installations: Low Voltage, HVAC, Solar Thermal Energy, Plumbing and Sanitation, Fire Protection, ICT, Domotics, Structured Cabling, Voice and Data Network, Telephony, Security, PA, Wander Control System and Nurse Call System.

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Design and technical management for installations and opening of a Hotel with 104 rooms, Parking and Commercial Spaces in Pulianas, Granada.

Including the following installations: Electricity, Plumbing and Sanitation, Fire protection, HVAC, Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Energy, ICT, Structured Cabling, Voice and Data Network, Telephony, Security, PA.

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Tourist Information Office and Interpretation Center in Guadix, Granada

The project, led by the architect D. Francisco Sánchez Martínez, merges history and modernity. The building, located above Arab and Roman remains that have been preserved on the ground floor, includes security, audio visual and domotics installations that represent the avant-garde design of the building.

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Policlinic with Outpatient Services and Radiology in Aranjuez, Madrid

The policlinic with outpatient services and radiology is a newly constructed building and include the following installations: Electricity, HVAC and Structured Cabling (Voice and Data).

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Installation Consultancy for basic design "Ciudad del Conocimiento" (35,000 m2) in Estepona, Malaga.

Complex comprising two adjacent buildings: one horizontal building for cultural and leisure use (including museums, planetariums, IMAX Movie Theater, Auditoriums, etc.) and the other building in the shape of a vertical tower for Administrative and Teaching purposes (including all administrative management for the building and a Language a School).

Including the following facilities: Substations, Low and Medium Voltage, Plumbing and Sanitation, Fire Protection, HVAC, Solar Thermal Energy and Photovoltaic, Integrated Building Management , ICT, Home Automation, Structured Cabling, Voice and Data Network, IP Telephony, Security, PA, Audiovisual Network, Parking Space Management, Timing the Installations.

Currently awaiting the Final Design, and later on, the Technical Management.

Adaptation of offices in Almeria and Alicante

Installations to adapt offices for a development company. With a built-up area of 400 m2 in Alicante and 750 m2 in Almeria. A Domotic system has been installed in each office to improve the work environment and to save energy.

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