LYNKA:Industrial and Telecommunication Engineering and Consultancy, mainly in the Energy and Building sectors.
Estudio de Ingeniería LYNKA: Proyectos de instalaciones, domótica, redes de telecomunicaciones, auditorías energéticas y consultoría.

R&D & Innovation Strategies

The Energy and Building sectors, which LYNKA belongs to and competes in, are constantly evolving markets that require strong processes and continuous innovation to maintain a strong leadership position. The regulatory and the functional and technological developments are consistent and the dynamism of the market is so high that innovation is the only way to even survive, if well managed, it is the main weapon to achieve leadership in each field of operation.

If this is the case, particularly in the area of renewable energy; studies and energy audits; and the engineering activities in the building sector, both in the industrial and telecommunications field, the previous allegation assumes an even higher level of value and importance. The sheer number of solutions on the market, systems, technologies, manufacturers and configurations together with the many possibilities and needs that the customers pose, because of its diversity and scope of application, it makes the innovation that LYNKA presents not only a virtue, but strictly speaking, a necessity. 
There is certainly no doubt that the products and services offered by LYNKA are innovative. Perhaps it is more important to point out that the innovation is part of the organizational culture and it is present in all phases of generating a solution, from design to marketing.
To do this, LYNKA, being a company that assumes innovation as a cornerstone of its business, maintains a constant dialogue with various interest groups of the organization to ensure that its products and solutions are leaders in the different fields of application:
With customers: LYNKA places them in the center of the analysis because they are the ones who will demand a new solution or function of the designed systems. These contributions will help develop and improve the activities of the organization.
With suppliers: Through contact and periodic meetings with them, LYNKA is looking to maintain good relationships with the agents that we consider being keys in the value chain of our products and solutions. We keep a close relationship with providers who have or are capable of developing technical improvements that our customers demand.
With competitors: on many occasions, the key to being competitive is learning quickly from the experiences of others. A lot can be learned from observing and analyzing how the competitors develop their strengths, and also by studying their weaknesses.
With employees: At LYNKA we try to emerge all the creative potential and knowledge of our employees regardless of their place in the organization; that way seeking a greater commitment and a higher level of confidence from the employees, creating and encouraging an environment based on the culture of creativity and innovation.
Finally, we must highlight the enormous efforts that LYNKA is making in Technological Surveillance activities, with its own resources and with the support of the interest groups described above, to be able to offer the customers the best and most innovative products, services and solutions on the market.
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