LYNKA:Industrial and Telecommunication Engineering and Consultancy, mainly in the Energy and Building sectors.
Estudio de Ingeniería LYNKA: Proyectos de instalaciones, domótica, redes de telecomunicaciones, auditorías energéticas y consultoría.

Quality Management & CSR

From the management perspective, LYNKA has always maintained a special interest in improving the high level of satisfaction achieved. Our commitment to reducing the environmental impacts from our activities, as well as improving customer satisfaction has led us to implement an Integrated Management System, in accordance with the standards of Quality (ISO 9001:2008) and Environment (ISO 14001:2004). Thus, it is intended to improve the internal processes of the organization and service to our customers and suppliers.

Additionally, in our desire to continue to evolve, LYNKA has implemented the EFQM business excellence model in the organization.

Since the Society not only demands excellent management companies, but also responsible ones, LYNKA has taken a first step in its commitment to new trends of Corporate Social Responsibility, with the introduction and implementation of an Equality Plan.

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